‘There’s no such colour as white’ (When Vicky met Kevin)

fired earth

Image credit: Fired Earth

What a dilemma. When an invite landed on my desk to join Kevin McCloud for cocktails and canapes at St Martins Lane hotel, how could I refuse. However, when I read the invite a bit closer, I realised that he was giving a talk entitled  ‘There’s no such colour as white’. For someone like me for whom the ONLY colour is white, I was torn. But, my love of Kevin McCloud won out and I headed over to St Martins lane last night to see how he could justify such a claim…


Image credit: Fired Earth

Fortunately, Kevin was talking about his collaboration with Fired Earth and The National Trust, and his new range of paints ‘elements of colour’. Inspired by historic colour palettes, there were plenty of soft muted, blues, greys and lavenders to keep a minimalist like me happy. They all have the velvety flat surface texture that Fired Earth are so famous for and the pretty, muted colours have all been designed to respond well the UK’s watery Northern light. They rate fairly highly in the eco-stakes too – they have a low solvent content (VOC) and for every tin of paint sold Fired Earth are donating to the National Trust.


Image Credit: Fired Earth

I had dressed for the occasion in my most colourful outfit – something I was very grateful for as Kevin started the talk by diving the group of assorted designers, journalists and editors into two. Those wearing colour gained Kevin’s approval and were put in one group whilst those wearing black and white were grouped together on the other side of the room. This wasn’t a very popular move in such a fashionable crowd (there was a high percentage of trendy all-black outfits) but the few of us that made it over to the colourful side felt quite pleased with ourselves!


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