Pandas have known it for years…


Pandas have known it for years, but the eco world is just starting to wake up to the benefits of bamboo. Probably the most hardworking plant on the planet, it has been described by the LA Times as ‘sustainability on steriods.’ That’s quite a title! I find out why this humble plant is whipping the eco world up into a frenzy.

bamboo graham and green

Did you know that bamboo grows so fast that some growers in tropical climes swear they can actually hear the plant creaking as it grows? And it is officially the fastest growing plant in the world. Hence the title awarded to it by the LA Times. Once harvested the fibres of this wonder plant can be turned into all manner of products from linens and towels to furniture and home accessories. Find out more and read the full article here on


This article was first published by in 2009 and was republished later on

Image credits: 1. 2. Graham and Green 3.


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