Exclusive: I chat to Oscar nominated art designer Dave Warren


I am a huge movie fan. I going to the cinema and getting lost in a magical world for two hours where anything and everything is possible.


Last year one film that really leapt off the cinema screen for me was Terry Gilliam’s weird and wonderful The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. This eerily strange and visually beautful film earned its Art Director Dave Warren a well deserved Oscar nomination. I was keen to learn more about the man that created the incredible dream-like sets.


After mistakenly phoning Amy Gilliam, Terry Gilliam’s wife, who was on the top deck of a London bus on her way to the airport at the time (oops, sorry) I was thrilled to snag an exclusive interview with Dave Warren. In between jetting from Rome to LA for the Oscars (it’s a glamorous life) I quizzed him about the inspiration behind the art direction of the film.


Dave also allowed me to see and publish exclusive early sketches of the film sets (see the two above). The level of detail in his ‘early’ sketches show why his finished film sets are so visually stunning. For the full interview and exclusive images  read the full interview here. This blog was first published in 2010 on mydeco.com the week before the Oscars.

Image credits 1.Dave Warren 2. Liam Daniels copy right Poo Poo Pictures Productions Ltd.3. Dave Warren 4. Image credit: Liam Daniels copy right Poo Poo Pictures Productions Ltd.


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