Hotel Review: Best kept secret – The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall

Lobby lounge

Guestroom no. 1 - bedroom

I love Cornwall. And I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some beautiful places. But in recent months one hotel name kept cropping up in conversation. And it was usually mentioned in the manner of someone sharing a really good secret. A bit reluctantly. And with much muttering about spectacular views, outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs. So when I got the chance to visit The Scarlet Hotel I leapt at the opportunity. And when a very well-travelled friend emailed me (from a holiday in Hawaii no less) to say how jealous she was, I knew I was on to something.


Relaxation terrace

And I was. The Scarlet is a little slice of eco luxury set in a spectacular clifftop location. Overlooking the stunning Magwan Porth Beach, this hotel is all about the views. The building curves round so that every room has a jaw dropping ocean view. In fact everywhere you go in the hotel there are floor to ceiling windows showing off vast stretches of sea, beach and sky. Much to the relief of my stressed out London self, this is a hotel that takes relaxation very seriously. As soon as we were shown to our room I skipped about, admiring the walk-in shower, huge bath, gorgeous bed and luxury toiletries. Meanwhile my partner headed straight for the outdoor terrace and settled into one of the rocking chairs on the balcony.

Spa - light relaxtion room

Spa - indoor pool

Once we had stopped pointing out the view to each other, trying on the spa robes and testing all the hand lotions and soaps (ok, that last bit was just me), we headed to the Ayurvedic spa. This is a spa that has got tranquility covered. Not only is there a ‘light relaxation room’, there is also a ‘deep relaxation room’, a ‘relaxation lounge’ and a ‘relaxation terrace’ for guests to choose between. Phew. We didn’t have any treatments but we lounged about for a good couple of hours, floating around in the indoor pool admiring the spectacular sea views and daydreaming about giving up the rat race and moving down to Cornwall for ever. Sigh.


After dragging ourselves away from the spa we made our way to the rooftop terrace where we watched the sun set over the sea, glass of wine in hand, feeling pretty content. And pondering the possibility of a daily Cornwall to London commute. Or a career change. Fisherman? Surfer? Hot Tub Operator?

The Scarlet Hotel

01637 861800

*Victoria was a guest of The Scarlet Hotel*


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