Pure gold

graham and green

My favourite thing about the start of a new year is a buying myself a brand new diary. All those fresh white pages stretching out ahead, full of promise and potential. Every year I dream about buying myself an embossed leather Smythson diary although I usually end up with whatever WHSmiths have put into the sale.

gold diary

But this year, seeing as it is the start of a new decade, I decided to treat myself with a beautiful metallic gold leather diary by Barbara Wiggins. I love it and it is has pride of place on my desk as I type this, but a strange thing has happened. We are only 9 days into the New Year but already I think that sparkly little diary seems to be influencing my outlook, as I keep being inexplicably drawn to all things gold and glittery.

gold cabinet

Having spent the past year advocating all things white, simple and natural, I suddenly find myself drooling over gold leaf furniture like the chest of drawers above, and trying to work out where I could hang a giant gold starburst mirror in my tiny bedroom.

gold pouffe

I think that this love of all things bright and glittery is a good omen for the year ahead so I am going to go with it. And to avoid the danger of turning my home into a Versace palace I will repeat the following mantra to myself ‘everything in moderation, everything in moderation’. Now, I wonder where I could find space for this gold leather pouffe.

Image credits: 1. Red direct 2. Graham and Green 3. Graham and Green 4. Graham and Green


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