Colours of 2010


New years resolution part two. To stop thinking of fashion and interiors as two separate worlds. I love looking at all the brilliant fashion / interiors crossover blog posts that other stylish bloggers put together, particularly the brilliant outfit to room posts by City Sage. But i’m not very good at putting these into practice and picking up on similarities in trends and colours myself when comparing collections. Last year, inspired by the talented Miss Sage (Rue co-founder and all round style guru) I pooled my interiors and fashion images and pulled together these two moodboards inspired by a couple of my favourite 2010 images (S/S top, A/W below). What an eye opener. Resolution for 2011 is to do this more often.


I often think of fashion as running a season or two ahead of interiors with trends and colours etc, but some of the similarities when I looked at the collections side by side were just so striking. Cath Kidston and House of Fraser just MUST have been talking to each other when they came up with this textured smoky blue/grey background palette to showcase their softly patterned floral textiles. And as for the bold, bright floral accents of the Cabbages and Roses fashion imagery next to Cath Kidston’s interiors shot… You two belong together!

Image credits: 1. Cabbages and Roses 2. Cath Kidston 3. Cath Kidston 4. House of Fraser


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