Yastik brings some Turkish sunshine to London


What do we all need more than anything else in January? (Other than a mid-month pay day or an all expenses paid trip to a tropical island that is.) Yes, that’s right, Colour! Theres no better way to fend off the mid-winter blues than surrounding yourself with a riot of  bold, zingy colours and patterns. So the launch of fashion designer Rifat Ozbek’s new boutique interiors store Yastik in London this week couldn’t have been better timed.


I took myself down to the press launch of the store, just off Kensington High Street on a grey, rainy day. But the sight that greeted me when I entered the store was enough to lift my spirits and temporarily transport me away to hotter climes. The beautiful white gallery-like shop space was entirely filled with limited edition cushions jostling for space on the shelves and bursting with colour, pattern and texture. Originally founded in Turkey five years ago (Yastik means cushion in Turkish) the London branch of the shop manages to bring a well needed burst of colour and warmth to wintry London.


Ozbek is famous in the fashion industry for his juxtapositions of unusual fabrics inspired by Africa, the Far East and the Ottoman Empire and he brings this signature style to Yastik.  Each cushion is hand dyed, hand loomed and hand printed and as a result each piece is a limited edition (which is reflected in the price, just to warn you). Ozbek describes them as ‘works of art combining the eclectic and sumptuous.’  They are certainly displayed like little works of art in the beautiful minimalist gallery. The only problem for me would be choosing which one to take home. I quizzed Ozbek on his favourite, but after pointing out half of the shop to me he had to conceed that he couldn’t possibly choose a favourite. And neither could I.

Yastik, 8 Holland Street, London, W8 4LT. Tel: 020 3538 7981


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