Salvage some style

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room

I’ve been writing an article on Salvage Style for the lovely Angel + Blume this week. So i’m all fired up with ideas for recycling and salvaging. And since it’s a nice quiet Sunday morning and I’m feeling in a vintagey kind of mood I thought i’d post up a few of the very prettiest salvage photos that I’ve found on my travels.

Dreamy Whites

I love the contrast of this industrial metal container with the glorious pink flowers spilling over onto the vintage linen table runner. Shabby Chic? Yes please.

Dreamy Whites eclectic bedroom

There’s something lovely about vintage metal baskets when they are used as storage. The chips and rusting all add to the charm and they are so much more appealing than a bland and boring plastic box.

Dreamy Whites

Rustic, country style doesn’t come any more authentic than a simple enamel jug filled with fresh flowers. And note those fantastic salvaged wooden doors in the background. A masterclass in recycled style.

French Larkspur eclectic dining room

And finally, top style points for these salvaged windows, used here as decoration. If they were mine, I think I might be tempted to silver the glass panels to create a beautiful and totally unique mirror.


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