Hotel preview: Can you guess where this sleek woodland hideaway is?

Can you guess where these plush holiday lodges are located? When I first saw these images I was thinking maybe a tropical treehouse hideaway or a Balinese spa…

Ok maybe I was using my imagination a bit too much, because when I found out where these holiday lodges actually were I was totally stunned. They are…drum roll please…Centre Parcs! Now I have nothing against Centre Parcs, but the interior design of their woodland lodges was always a bit…um…how do I put this…depressing. The red patterned fabric and the bright yellow walls all screamed ‘British holiday camp circa 1980s’ (which coincidentally was when it was founded in the UK)

But not anymore, because the latest ‘woodland lodges’ have had a total interior design revamp courtesy of fab British interior designer Tara Bernerd, from Target Living. And what a transformation! Just look at that gorgeous high gloss kitchen. I’ve booked a week’s holiday in March and I can’t wait. Forget the archery, swimming and horse riding, i’m going to be spending the whole time pottering around in my beautiful woodland hideaway.

Take a look at the Centre Parcs website – Just be sure to book a ‘New Style Lodge’ to ensure a stylish retreat.

*This is a non-sponsored post and I have not visited the woodland lodges pictured in this post*


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