In the Houzz – Nautical

A Beach Cottage traditional porch
My favourite website – Houzz and my favourite trend – Nautical – aah, it’s a winning combination. With January and February finally behind us I thought it was time to look forward to the faint glimmer of sunshine on the horizon. And how better to do this than by browsing through Houzz and discovering these beautifully fresh and breezy nautical images of a beach house in Sydney for your viewing pleasure.
A Beach Cottage traditional porch A Beach Cottage  dining room
I love the clean feeling of space and light in these images. This feels like the kind of house that would encourage you to slow down, unwind and relax. The quality of light flooding into the dining room and living room above hints at a warm Australian summers day and the deckchair on the left is just calling out to me to put me feet up and enjoy the view.
A Beach Cottage traditional living room
There is something gloriously simple and uncluttered about the white linen sofas, crisp white walls and whitewashed furniture. I love the use of beige and white striped fabric instead of the traditional blue and white combination too; it keeps the scheme from feeling too contrived and adds a softer feel.
I want a set of storage trunks like these! I usually like the charm and character you get with a scuffed original finish on a vintage case, but painting these cases white has allowed them to blend in and contribute to the lovely sense of calm in this beautifully clean and simple room scheme.

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