Spring into Easter

easter table easter table

If it’s ok with Martha it’s ok with me. Such is the reasoning behind this slightly early (well, very early) Easter blog. I love everything about spring; the lengthening evenings, the fresh bright colours, the crisp light and the hint of warmer days to come and the Easter holiday is the perfect time to celebrate all this lovely bright optimism. So when I received my Martha Stewart newsletter informing me that now was the perfect time to start preparing for the Easter holiday; Well, I took her at her word. So here are some of my favourite Easter table top decorating ideas.

easter table easter table

Birds eggs and delicate little nests are a perennial Easter symbol and  if you are feeling creative, a nest fashioned from soft willow fronds can make a sweet, rustic centerpiece for an Easter lunch (top), or act as a lovely basket for daffodils and tulips. When it comes to Easter flowers though, a simple egg cup can make the perfect vase for delicate spring blooms. I love the little posies which have been arranged in painted eggshells (top). But spring flowers always look prettiest to me when they are all jumbled up together, which is why I love the image above, as the flowers look as if they had simply been popped into the little egg cups straight after being gathered on a fresh breezy walk.

This tabletop setting is quite formal, but with the sunlight pouring through the windows, it has a lovely freshness to it which is perfect for Springtime celebrations. And as for the flower display on the right, how gorgeous is the graduation of blooms from palest lilac to deepest lavender. With flowers this pretty, a white vase and linen table cloth is all the accompaniment they need. Happy Springtime everyone.

All images: Martha Stewart


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