Styling Secrets: 3 is the magic number


Hello and welcome to the first in my new series of ‘Styling Secrets’. Over the past 8 years i’ve collected lots of tips and tricks to make an interior look inviting, welcoming and inspirational. I’ve been meaning to make a note of these and thought that it might be useful and interesting to collect them all together here and share them with you week by week. I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions on this series and I hope you enjoy.

Kicking off the series is a very simple and widely used styling trick. When arranging objects, three really is the magic number. Somehow two objects always look too lonely and more than three can start to look cluttered but three makes a perfect little group. I think it also has something to do with the pleasing triangular shape object form when grouped in threes. The three stars above are different sizes for example, but when placed in a row they balance each other out and create a pleasing if slightly off-beat symmetry. Likewise the three candlesticks make a pleasing little group when placed together and the different heights and sizes complement and balance each other. This rule can be applied to grouping objects on a wall as well as on a flat surface; the three deer and stag heads work well when grouped together as demonstrated above; one would have been lost on that wall, two would have been difficult to balance and could have looked too neat, but three work perfectly.

Image credits: Graham and Green, Cox and Cox


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