Autumn is on its way…

As I pulled on my boots this morning, leaving my summer sandals firmly at the back of my wardrobe I could no longer avoid the fact that summer has all but disappeared for another year. But, as if to compensate for the diminishing sunshine and fading holiday tan, my all time favourite season is just about to start and I. Can’t. Wait. There’s already a cool crispness to the light, the faintest hint of woodsmoke in the air and the first few leaves on the ground, which can only mean one thing…Autumn is about to return in a glorious blaze of of orange, yellow and purple. Even I, with my love of all things white and minimal, can’t resist nature’s colourfest every September (although a little bit of colour does go a long way). Bring it on!

Autumn color - thanksgiving - Cranberry red berries - Fall Vinegard  - Nature art print  -25% OFF


4 thoughts on “Autumn is on its way…

    • Thanks! Me too, it’s my favourite season, and even though I wouldn’t normally use those colours, every Autumn I suddenly get a craving for reds, golds and oranges.

  1. The colour glass vases and the heather is what caught my eye. Pretty picture. I love purple in the autumn. Red and gold usually comes (for me at least) at Christmas. It is so typical and traditional for Christmas and not very innovative, but I just can’t help it 🙂

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