Instant update: The first spring flowers

The first snowdrops have started to appear, slowly but surely, in the woods around my house and it wasn’t until I saw the bright little clusters of hardy flowers that I realised how much I had missed seeing colour and life in the hedgerows and landscape.

Dobbies glass vase | Style Made Simple

So with spring almost on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about all those lovely fresh updates you can make to your home to signify that winter is well and truly over. And a vase of spring flowers is just the quickest and best way to bring some much needed colour and life into chilly living rooms and bedrooms. In the next few weeks we will start to see sunny daffodils, bold tulips and deliciously scented hyacinths breaking through the winter landscape and as soon as they do i’ll make sure I have a vase or two of them dotted around my house. As well as bringing in some much needed colour, these hardy flowers also bring with them the promise of sunny days and light evenings. And I think we all deserve a little bit of that. These glass vases from Dobbies are the perfect way to display them.

Image: Dobbies